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Welcome to Python Hacks!

Date:2014-01-19 by Niels Henrik Bruun

The purpose is to develop and gather python based object oriented effective code to work with financial/scientific calculations like risk management, pricing and hedging. Further the purpose to get or produce proper financial documentation for the scripts presented here.

I have found that Python is a fantastic tool to develop financial tools. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Python is fully object oriented
  • Python is strongly supported on numerical calculations
  • Python is easy to learn and have a clear syntax
  • Python is a worthy alternative to eg. Excel and Matlab doing Scientific calculations
  • Python can be almost as fast as eg. C or Fortran due to the fact that slow code parts are converted to C or Fortran module and run from Python
  • See more arguments for using Python

But allthough the financial system Front Arena use Python as a scripting language, there are very few homepages dedicated to financial calculations in Python. As Python is overlooked in the financial community I decided to start this site.

This is not just about Python, though. Spreadsheets is also looked upon with regard to scientific/financial calculations and scripting.

If you got comments to this site please send me a mail.

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